Introduction to Data Backup

Why Should You Use Backup?

Bad things happen, such as losing your phone, damaging the storage, or breaking the screen, which may result in you being unable to access the data on your device. To ensure the safety of your data, we strongly recommend enabling the backup and performing regular backups.

Methods of Backup

Currently, SimpleCloset supports two backup methods:

  • iCloud Drive: Cloud storage maintained by Apple Inc.
  • Simple Cloud: Cloud storage maintained by the SimpleCloset development team

Different platforms have varying degrees of support for these backup methods:

  • The iOS app supports both iCloud Drive and Simple Cloud.
  • The Android app only supports Simple Cloud.

iCloud Drive

When using iCloud Drive as the backup method, you need to:

  1. Enable iCloud Drive in the system settings of your iOS device.
  2. Authorize SimpleCloset to use iCloud Drive.

Simple Cloud

When using Simple Cloud as the backup method, no additional permission settings are required.

Additionally, you have some free quotas for storage space and download traffic :

  • Free storage space: 0.50 GB
  • Free download traffic: 2.00 GB (reset monthly)

Generally, these quotas are sufficient for your daily backup needs. If you exceed the free quotas during usage, additional fees may apply.

Don't worry, even if you need to pay, it won't be a significant cost. For detailed information about the fees, please refer to the Introduction to CloudPoints .

Data Privacy

To protect your privacy, SimpleCloset strictly adheres to the principle of not automatically uploading backup without your permission.